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Bookkeeping Services

The Process

  1. Clean-Up – We will review or create up to date financial records for your business.  This includes integrating all of your receipts into your records
  2. Customize – We will customize your financial statements to include data that you need to understand your financial wellness including industry benchmarks
  3. Cash-In – Based on your custom reports, we will be able to analyze and concentrate on areas to improve cashflow and help your business be more profitable

Cost Savings

Now, according to, the median annual wage for a bookkeeping professional is $41,473. That equates to about $3,456 per month. Plus taxes and benefits puts it up to about $4,000 per month.

Your investment in our relationship will be nowhere near this amount. We are here to help you reach your goals and we get results.  That includes making our services cost effective. We are more than just a bookkeeping professional for you; we are your ally. 

Business Advisement


The effectiveness of any business depends on systems and processes in place to be efficient.  Not only will we clean up your historical finance records, we will work with you to develop organizational systems to keep you on track and provide continuous support to make sure that you stay on top of financial future.

Financial Statements

We will make sure that your customized financial statements are delivered on time  when you need them in a way that you can understand and discuss.  With this, we will review your statements with you to make sure that you are aligned with your goals and that any inefficiencies are identified right away.  These reports include industry benchmarks to see how your business stacks up.

Referral Services

Our Network

We have spent years facilitating relationships with professionals in various fields of business across the country.  These are people whom we have met with, know and trust.  If you or your business has needs that are outside the scope of our expertise, we will connect you with someone who can help.  

Your business Go to

We are your trusted advisor.  We encourage you to contact us directly with any questions about your business, not just your books.  Our relationship will be built on trust and results.  When we say that we are your “go to”, we mean it!

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